We had been to Galveston, situated in the State of Texas near the city of Houston, for our vacation during last weekend for the period of around three days. We visited many Mexican restaurants during our stay at Galveston and did enjoy most of them. One such restaurant that we visited was Tortuga – Mexican Kitchen for dinner. We really enjoyed the food and the service at this restaurant and that is why I am prompted to write the brief review of this Mexican restaurant for the benefit of my readers.

Tortuga restaurant is located on the Seawall Blvd. near the Best Western Beachfront Inn, just opposite to the sea beach. We went for the dinner on Saturday evening at around 7 pm in the evening. The restaurant was almost crowded to the maximum. There were three sitting options available. The first was to sit inside the restaurant, the second was to sit in a semi-covered area of the restaurant, and the third one was outside sitting. We preferred outside sitting in front of the sea and really enjoyed the view of open sea. The outside sitting area was decorated on the theme of the huts with small coconut trees. The head waitress immediately took us to our table. The drink order was taken within five minutes and was delivered within two more minutes. We had ordered mango drink, coke, and the margaritas for our family members.

I took the specially made Margarita drink with lemon and salt on the brink of the glass. The drink was really delicious and quiet stimulating. The cost of each Margarita was $5.99. The tortilla chips with salsa sauce was also served along with the drinks free of cost. The chips were quiet crisp, hot, and fresh. There were around 12 varieties of alcoholic drinks available. Around 15 varieties of starters were also available at the cost of around $5.99 per serving. We ordered couple of servings of Cheese Nachos, which were really delicious and tasty as starters. There were hundreds of varieties of main dishes like burritos, soft Tacos, chalupas, nachos in various combinations, Enchiladas in many different combinations, and the varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Fajitas. We ordered the soft tacos with all vegetables and beans served separately, the chicken Enchilada, and the couple of servings of Burritos with beans and vegetables.

The combo dinner items were also available, which were found economical. The cost of most of the main dishes was in the range of $10 to $12 per plate. The food was served to us within fifteen minutes of ordering in steaming hot condition. The food quality was really good, tasty, and delicious. The quantity of serving was also quiet large and sufficient for dinner of an individual. The service also was quiet brisk, speedy, and courteous. There were around ten varieties of Mexican deserts also available. However, we did not go for any deserts, as we were quiet full after our main course.

The restaurant has sitting capacity of around 250 persons. The rest rooms were also clean, decent, and nice. There was also ample parking space available near the gate of the restaurant. This Mexican restaurant is very popular amongst the visitors of Galveston due to the hot, tasty food items served in very large varieties. The restaurant opens at 9 am and closes at 11 pm in the night. The total bill came to around $60 for five of us, which surely can be rated as economical based on the quantity and quality of the food served. It took around two hours for us to enjoy the complete dinner in the vicinity of Gulf of Mexico. We left the restaurant at around 9 pm in the evening. There are couples of negative factors also of this restaurant. The first was the pungent, strong smell inside the restaurant, which could become unbearable at times for those persons who preferred inside sitting. The second aspect was the very high sound level inside the restaurant due to playing of Mexican music. If you had any intentions of having silent and peaceful dinner, then, this is not the place for you. However, as a whole, we enjoyed our dinner at this fine Mexican restaurant.

Most of my readers and friends, fond of authentic Mexican food delicacies, would certainly be able to enjoy their meals at this lovely restaurant at the city of Galveston in Texas.

When it comes to buying the devices for the making the embroidery designs on the clothing, it is important to consider some essential things. In fact, the embroidery machine is available in the different kinds of the designs and models. Of course, they are also offered by the different brands and therefore, it is really important to choose the best one that is opt for you.

Before, you are going to make the purchase of the embroidery machine, you just need to focus on these following things.

  • Determining the amount of space that you need to devote for doing the embroidery works and whether you are having additional space for sewing too.
  • How computer literate are you to use this embroidery machine to make the perfect stitches. It is better to have computer literacy to customize and designing the stitches on your own.
  • Think about the projects that you are in need of making the embroidery designs.

These are the most important things that you need to take into the account while purchasing the best embroidery machine for your embroidery usage. However, it is also really important to know some basics facts about the embroidery before you try on your own.

Actually, the embroidery is classified in the two types and these types can influence the stitching of the clothing. In that way, the first type is stitched on the fabric and the second type is stitched through the fabric. However, these kinds of the stitches can make the flat pattern on the materials. In some cases, the third type of the embroidery is also used and it is called as the lace making. In this method, the fabrics are cut and the hole is stitched over with the embroidered or lace.

As the way, you have to know all these things before you buy and you can search online for getting more info about the machine.